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We Offer A Wide Variety Of Business Management Courses

Lead Management

Streamline and automate lead assignment, tracking, analysis and follow-up efficiently

Task Management

Enhance productivity through assignment, tracking, analysis, and follow-up.

Order Management

Process, track, and streamline orders efficiently & effectively

Job Management

Coordinate, assign, analyze, and monitor jobs to ensure successful project completion.

Quotation Management

Prepare and manage accurate and timely quotations for products or services offered.

HR Management

Solve HR Issues like Attendance, Leave & Salary Tracking with WhatsApp Automation & Geo Location

Due Date Management

Monitor and track tasks with due dates, accomplish them on time with reports & reminders

Follow Up Management

Coordinate and maintain effective communication to ensure timely follow-up on tasks and activities.

PO Management

Process and oversee purchase orders, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and timely procurement.

Project Management

Plan, execute, and monitor projects with multiple deadlines, different locations, multiple steps, & deadlines

Recce Management

Organize and manage location and site visits by multiple employees with photograph uploads

Designers Management

Coordinate and oversee the work of designers, ensuring quality, creativity, and timely deliverables.

Flow & Process Management

Optimize & implement efficient workflows and processes to enhance operational productivity

Print & Signage Business Management

Oversee print & signage business, including projects, jobs, fabrication, purchase orders.

Property Broker Management

Supervise leads, manage property listings, and facilitate successful real estate agency business.

Project Management

Plan, execute, and monitor project activities to achieve objectives within scope, budget, and timeline.

Document Automation

Develop and implement systems to automate document creation, storage, and retrieval processes.

Leave Management

Administer employee leave policies, track absences, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Google Sheets + WhatsApp Integration

Seamlessly integrate Google Sheets with WhatsApp for efficient data sharing and collaboration.

Data Analytics

Analyse and interpret data to derive insights, make informed decisions, and drive business growth

Reporting Automation

Automate the process of generating & sending reports on email & whatsapp to save time and ensure accuracy.

Auto Task Assigner

Automatically assign tasks to team members based on predefined criteria, thus optimizing productivity

KRA Management

Optimize performance by effectively defining and tracking key responsibility areas within an organization.

Client Visits Management

Optimize client visit management processes to maximize productivity and deliver exceptional customer service.

Payment Follow Up Management

Track and follow up salesmen on whether payment follow ups were made or not.

Repair & Service Management

Oversee repair and service operations, ensuring efficient workflow, timely completion, and quality customer service.


Establish an intranet system to enhance organizational connectivity, information sharing, and workflow efficiency.


Design and create visual data dashboards to provide real-time insights and analytics.

Appointment Management

automate appointment management processes, ensuring efficient scheduling, coordination, and timely notifications.

Customized Solutions

Get tailored solutions to meet specific business needs, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

Harness the power of popular Google Apps & WhatsApp Automation

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